Why am I starting this blog?

I have given a couple of invited lectures on what might be loosely described as “professional development” since finishing my PhD. Along with a colleague and friend, I have also organized a few sessions on this topic at the annual meeting of my scholarly association, the Universities Art Association of Canada. I’ve gotten quite a bit of feedback on these lectures and sessions (good, great, bad, and ugly!) and I’d like to find a way to continue these conversations online. I’m also thinking about my former graduate student self and some of the things I worried about at that stage in my life (not being good enough, getting a job, if and when I would have children). I don’t have any easy answers to these subjects now, because I am still figuring a lot of it out myself. But in conversations with graduate students and emerging faculty a lot of these same themes reoccur. What I would like to do here is write about some of these things myself, while also soliciting the writings of others who inspire me.

I am going to try writing on these topics collaboratively, by starting with questions and themes that people have requested of me in one forum or another. But to get things going, I’ll start by posting a video of a lecture I gave in 2011 on transitioning from graduate school to a faculty position for the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (also know as the Learneds or Congress).

(Fun fact: the person who asks me the question about mama-hood at the end is now a good friend of mine. Professional development brings people together!)

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  1. Welcome to WordPress. I hope you find your time here rewarding. Enjoy yourself and keep writing.

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